You Came To Me - Roger Rockt

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You Came To Me
Your broken dreams and swollen friends
They left you in the end
The party is over now
Ohhh, ohhh
And now you're standing at my door
A shadow on the floor
I can't believe my eyes, yeah
Ohhh. Is there someone by your side, now?
Is this my luck? Is this my chance?
Or just a small romance?
A stopgap on your way?
And ohhh, there's no one by your side!
But then you open your grey eyes
A thousand silent cries
I'm the last stop on your way down
But ohhh, can I be at your side?
My stony soul is melting. My anger leaves me, like the night
It's like the sun, breaking through a rainy sky
My broken heart is healing, a lucky memory of past delight
You are my love, I can't believe, that you'll be mine
You didn't say a word to me
The past? Just let it be!
Trust or naivety?
But ohhh, I stand by your side!
You touched me deep into in my heart
You'll always be a part of me
You'll never be alone
And ohhh, well I stand by your side
I stand by your side
I stand by your side

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